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Reader's Question: What inspired Shards?

Recently a reader sent me a message asking what inspired my book Shards. Inspiration for any novel can come from anywhere, from waiting in line at the local supermarket to watching the wind rip the leaves from the trees. In the case of Shards it was something quite personal which I had posted about on Goodreads. Here’s my answer.

“The idea for my latest book 'Shards' came from the local media talking about the ice (crystal meth) epidemic spreading across the country. Then my house was broken into by addicts. The local police knew the culprits but refused to arrest them. It was a strange time. All I could think was one day the cartels and criminals would rule in place of government.

And so began the birth of Shard, a new Las Vegas city that has crumbled in the dystopian future. A city built in an open cut mine, an open grave in a dying world. It's streets were white with the snow that wasn't snow, ice that wasn't water. In among the dealers, the users and the halfbreeds lived a family. A family who just wanted to keep to themselves.

A family who were savagely turn apart and in their desperation to find each other made difficult choices, the kind of which they had never ever considered...”

While I would never thank criminals for breaking into my home, traumatising my mother or giving me a serious case of ‘check the locks thrice‘, it did at least help me really get in the mindset of some characters in Shards. What are morals after all but behavioural protocols to make others feel safe? And how would they survive in a world with blatant disregard for fellow humans?

These were some of the topics I covered in Shards, along with toxic masculinity, addiction, obsession, misanthropes and halfhumans genetically spliced with animals. So just the usual dystopian affairs really.

If you have read Shards I would love to hear back from you! I’m also making a list of ARC readers for book two in the series Splinters. If you think you would be interest be sure to send me a message!

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