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Down the hill we ran

What a hectic time it has been! Where to begin?


This year I attended my first convention. Set under the blazing summer sun, CanCon was everything I was promised and then some. Gamers of all ages gathered, played games and made new friends. I was set up in the Artist Alley, surrounded by some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Links will be getting posted ASAP! Also please check my Instagram feed for photos and shout outs in the comments! We have some amazing talent in Australia, be sure to check them out. This is just a very small number of the people who I worked with personally. Please check out CanCon’s website to find links for others. I will continue to find details and update when I can.





What do you get when you cross LARP with Sportsball? Jugger! Based on the dystopian Australian movie ‘The Blood of Heroes’ from back in the 80s, this sport is a hectic fast paced game where two teams, kit out with gear looks like it belongs in the 90s tv show Gladiators, battle to get a dogskull to the other side of the field. Not only is the sport a lot of fun, but the community is wonderful.


Shards received it’s first published review! Woo! The review team at Aurealis Magazine have given my latest novel a very fair review. Mostly good, while calling out one or two things that I can improve upon- in other words my favourite kind of review! I can only hope the reason behind my male driven plot in Shards is forgiven when book two in the series is released (There are story reasons, I promise!!!)

If that wasn’t enough Dark Heart 2 has begun. So if you pardon me, I have some writing to do!

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