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Tango in a Teacup Audiobook is now available for direct download!!!

With much excitement I would like to announce the audiobook edition of Tango in a Teacup is now available for download on my website! Woo!

The download is a zipped folder to help conserve download limits (it’s about 110mb) and all the audio is saved in the MP3 format for easy compatibility with all devices. There’s 71 tracks and the total play time is roughly 85 minutes - perfect for the long commute (or short commute once you add Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane traffic!)

It was a big project and I could not have done it alone. A huge shout out to my audio engineer/recording artist Julia for all the work you put into this project. Also a big thanks to Erin Geil for putting the first review for Tango onto Goodreads - it was a major boost and I really appreciated hearing your feedback! Finally a massive thank you to my Mum for constantly believing in me and making muffins when writer fatigue set in.

Alright, that’s all for today folks!

Love audiobooks? Why not mention your favourites in the comments section and highlight what about them enraptured your ears!

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