A day in the life...

Here he comes, here he goes,

Heard him coming, Those rattling bones,

Too long hands, too long beard,

Smells of rot, Vile when near,

I heard him a coming, I twas afeared.

-The Child of the Ferryman


There is no feeling worse, than sitting at your computer trying to write. The children are at school, the spouse is out (oh c’mon. There is no spouse. Or children.) Even the animals are settled. There is nothing and no one to blame the blank screen on. Except yourself. The struggle to drag the story from deep within your mind and rip it out of your soul onto the page. All you have is a mild headache from staring at the screen too long and an incessant inner voice whose sarcasm and quick wit does nothing for your confidence.

It is little wonder the author becomes a master of creating jobs. Suddenly the dishes need doing. All of them. Even the ones already in the cupboard. In fact, the cupboard needs emptying, wiping out, repainting, sealing, actually let’s renovate the kitchen, I mean we’re halfway there anyway and it was due to be done in…oh, about 20 years.

The lure to abandon your own story, to walk away from deciding what happens in the world that lives and dies by your mind, is strong. So many other stories have been made by people who, as your inner voice constantly reminds you, are far more skilled than you are. They’ve had years more practice. Publishers and fans alike help battle their inner critique daily. It feels as if while you sit here alone, fingers tapping random keys and hoping to be the monkey in the infinite room who writes Shakespeare, they are blitzing through the next novel surrounded by loving family, friends, fans…and a sparkling new kitchen.

Such struggles are compounded when those who work the nine to five complain ceaselessly of how hard it is, all the while going out for lunch during work hours, or sitting at their desks doing the crosswords. The writer bites back envy at such lives. How cruisy to have a stable income, a superfund, set hours of clocking on and off with clearly defined times for work and play. For a writer has none of these. The story doesn’t politely behave in set hours. We must capture the spark and keep it alive long enough to burn the image into page. This can occur at an appropriate time. Or far more likely when in the shower with no means to write it down before the golden lines flee. Or from the deepest of sleeps we are awoke from the language dreams have spoken, so strong that some part of us drags the body into consciousness to find a page in the dark and scribble down the fleeting story, only for the sun to rise and reveal the scribbles overlap into an unreadable mess.

A writer knows hunger. We crave stories like an addict their drug. Our stomachs are forgotten, our partners dismissed, while we throw ourselves at the muse, desperate for her kiss.

Sometimes, when the stars align and the padlock has us trapped in our room, we sit at the computer and the keys tap in the sweetest of melodies. Words fill the empty space, line after line, scene after scene, tale after tale. It is the most delicious of tastes, the victory over language, the knowledge your idea has been well told. So strong is the high even as the final words are written you cannot stop. Another word, then another. Line after line, time after time, you become joined with the keyboard. No longer are “your fingers” hitting “the keys”. They are all one, all part of you as your physical self ceases to be. The aches in your neck, the arthritis joints, they are gone, replaced with only what the mind sees as it describes a world that has never been. These are the days we live for. These are the moments that make our presence on this planet worthwhile.

Do you feel the same dear reader?

Down the hill we ran

What a hectic time it has been! Where to begin?


This year I attended my first convention. Set under the blazing summer sun, CanCon was everything I was promised and then some. Gamers of all ages gathered, played games and made new friends. I was set up in the Artist Alley, surrounded by some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Links will be getting posted ASAP! Also please check my Instagram feed for photos and shout outs in the comments! We have some amazing talent in Australia, be sure to check them out. This is just a very small number of the people who I worked with personally. Please check out CanCon’s website to find links for others. I will continue to find details and update when I can.







What do you get when you cross LARP with Sportsball? Jugger! Based on the dystopian Australian movie ‘The Blood of Heroes’ from back in the 80s, this sport is a hectic fast paced game where two teams, kit out with gear looks like it belongs in the 90s tv show Gladiators, battle to get a dogskull to the other side of the field. Not only is the sport a lot of fun, but the community is wonderful.



Shards received it’s first published review! Woo! The review team at Aurealis Magazine have given my latest novel a very fair review. Mostly good, while calling out one or two things that I can improve upon- in other words my favourite kind of review! I can only hope the reason behind my male driven plot in Shards is forgiven when book two in the series is released (There are story reasons, I promise!!!)

If that wasn’t enough Dark Heart 2 has begun. So if you pardon me, I have some writing to do!

Tango in a Teacup Audiobook is now available for direct download!!!

With much excitement I would like to announce the audiobook edition of Tango in a Teacup is now available for download on my website! Woo!

The download is a zipped folder to help conserve download limits (it’s about 110mb) and all the audio is saved in the MP3 format for easy compatibility with all devices. There’s 71 tracks and the total play time is roughly 85 minutes - perfect for the long commute (or short commute once you add Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane traffic!)

It was a big project and I could not have done it alone. A huge shout out to my audio engineer/recording artist Julia for all the work you put into this project. Also a big thanks to Erin Geil for putting the first review for Tango onto Goodreads - it was a major boost and I really appreciated hearing your feedback! Finally a massive thank you to my Mum for constantly believing in me and making muffins when writer fatigue set in.

Alright, that’s all for today folks!

Love audiobooks? Why not mention your favourites in the comments section and highlight what about them enraptured your ears!

Welcome one and all!

Hi there!

My name is Chris and this is my blog for 2019!

My new website is now (mostly) live, so please pop by and leave a comment with your thoughts on the design! This year there is so much happening! For example, Tango in a Teacup will be out in audiobook format soon. Seasons of the Soul now has a hardcover edition with added watercolours which really bring the imagery to life - although they are only available at a very selected number of venues so get in quick.

I hope your Christmas was Merry, your New Year exciting and the months ahead filled with good books.

Onward! To the new horizon of 2019!