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Realm of Silence Paperback

Realm of Silence Paperback


The Cassé Lands (Volume Two)

Music has been outlawed. A perpetual mist has enveloped the land. After decades of silence, everything within its grip has wilted or died. In amongst the Casse Lands, the Realm of Silence has become nothing but a dark shadow. If anyone so much as whistles they are hunted down by the Lord King’s servant: The Lieutenant, a man aided by horrific surgical enhancements. In a small village lives Greg, a boy verging on adulthood who is endangered when attacked by a troll. He is only saved when the village's exile uses a musical instrument, instantly placing a bounty on their heads. Many miles away The Lieutenant hears the notes and begins to hunt the duo. Hunted, Greg and exile Jarred search for the Pipers, a group of rebels. But it seems they are as insubstantial as the mist they seek to lift...

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"International award winning...Inspiring" - The Examiner