Is the Pen mightier than the Keyboard?

Dear Reader,

Do you write or do you type?

This question arose at a recent author talk. Of the two authors one wrote and the other typed. Personally, I do both.

The ability of a computer to instantly portray your words in a professional layout, crisp print upon the screen, certainly helps me feel as if I am at work. However there are downsides. As one author mentioned, the ability to instantly edit and delete your initial words means the original story can be lost before it is written. Not only that but I find, consciously or unconsciously, my mind keeps check of the word count. A good day of writing becomes about the number words written instead of the number of scenes created.
In essence, typing is fast, clean and allows you to listen to the rhythmic tapping of the keyboard.

On the other hand I find my most creative writing is done by hand. The flow of ink across a page creating worlds and characters filled with personality. Almost all of my poetry is written on paper, my desk filled with notepads and scraps of paper. Exercise books with novel plots and numerous chapters likewise struggle to fit on my bookcase.
When writing by hand there is no pressure to reach a certain word count or to write professionally. Everything is focused on exploring the story to its fullest. You get to be creative, write between the lines - or across them! You get to wake up in the middle of the night and write four pages without need for light to disturb your sleep (although if you're like me, writing blind leads to the occasional overlapping of sentences.)
Plus you get to draw little pictures around the edges of the page.
Trust me, it helps.

If only there was a way to submit long hand to publishers!

So which do you prefer? Do you find yourself drawn to one method over the other depending upon what you are writing? Let me know in the comments!