How to help fight cancer while writing

Dear Reader,

This is the first of my new 'author tools' posts. Today I'm going to give the number one best piece of advice I can to help boost your words per minute and creative flow. Keep reading to find out how it can also help researchers find a cure for cancer.

Lose the phone.

I'm not joking. Even having the device on your desk, or anywhere in eyesight, distracts your brain. That's valuable processing power you need to stay focused and pump out the next epic battle scene (or wipe the fog from your glasses after using yet another adjective in your latest steamy romance novel). 

Speaking of processing power, there's something amazing you can be doing with your phone while it charges in another room.
The Garvan Institute has developed a free app called DreamLab that harnesses your phone's processor when charging to help crunch data and speed up their search for cancer cure. So to save the world and write a best seller, all you have to do it;

1. Install DreamLab on your phone.
2. Plug your phone in to charge in another room.
3. Activate DreamLab.
4. Go write your critically acclaimed next manuscript while feeling good you are helping fast track a world without cancer.

This was not a sponsored post. I recently discovered the app and wanted to spread the world. It is such an easy thing to do and makes me feel like my phone is doing something good while charging. I hope you do the same. Best of luck with your writing!