Shards paperback is now stop world domination!

Dear Reader,

The paperback edition of Shards has jumped the gun and been released! You can now get a copy at Amazon!

What about other stores? Well that is under investigation. As some of you know I have been using CreateSpace to print and distribute my works globally. However with Amazon pulling the pin on CreateSpace my decision to use KDP to release the paperback seemed simple enough. After all, in one of the correspondence I received from Amazon/KDP/CreateSpace they said it would be the same staff, same press, same service, managed through the same portal as your Kindle ebooks.

Oh the simplicity!

Sadly what has occurred is a number of services CreateSpace had provided have been cut in the move to KDP. The two notable ones being Preorders and Expanded Distribution. Will they return? Is this just a teething period? I hope so. Otherwise the next book I release will be published through a different company.

Right, I’m off to investigate. If you have any questions or want to get in touch please comment below and I’ll get in touch as quick as I can :)