With a final keystroke the novel was finished.

Dear Reader,

It’s finally happened. My next book Shards is complete! Huzzah! In the coming days I will be releasing more info. For now I can reveal it is gritty semi grimdark dystopian filled with a lot of action.

Thank you for staying with me through this period, it has taken a little bit longer to write than my previous books. It was worth it. This is the second novel I have written for an adult market and the process of deciding what stays and what goes in editing is far more detailed than my early works. The challenge of balancing the story with acceptable imagery can be a fine line, especially when dealing with darker themes.

ARC are being distributed as we speak. Book two has a large head start (Felicity’s story was originally part of Shards. She is a very skilled young woman who quite rightly deserved her own book. Who am I to disagree?)

More news coming soon. Oh dear, I do believe it is beginning to snow…..