Happy New Year!

Dear reader,

I hope you had a fantastic Christmas and found your stocking full of your favourite things (books, wine, possibly kittens-I won't judge). With the new year here and ready for all we can throw at it I thought I'd give you a brief glimpse at what is upcoming on my calendar.

1. Announce Tango in a Teacup is now live in stores other than Amazon! This trusty link will take you to my Draft2Digital page which shows (with very nice buttons) the direct link for each store (Apple, Barnes, Kobo, etc etc). Due Date: NOW! It's already live!

2. Release my totally ultra cool modern Dystopian novel called Shards. Set in a city where drug runners make it snow with the drug ice (also known as crystal meth) there's no one you can trust. All Bastion ever wanted was a safe place to live with his family, but the day after his daughter is born the two of them are kidnapped and his house set on fire. Welcome to the world. Due Date: Late Feb, possibly March. Any publishers interested feel free to get in touch ;)

3. Release my next poetry book. Something a little different. Something a little strange. Something that shouldn't be read after dark.... Due Date: Late 2018

4. Put together an author's toolkit on my website for any one interested in this career. I know, I know, I think this particular goal was in my first post ever on my website all that time ago. It will get done!

Alright, that's all for now. I hope you are snuggled up in your reading nook somewhere, enjoying the spoils of Christmas undisturbed. If you want to get in touch or keep up with the latest things I'm trying don't forget to check out my Instagram account @chrisfosterwrites