Watt is going on?

Dear Readers,

What do writers do in their free time?

Okay, it's a trick question. Writers don't have free time. We are always writing. Which is why when I took a two day break from working on the latest novel I instead spent my time... writing. Yeah. To be fair it was a humorous backstory for a fantasy character who has never really fitted in. Oh, and he's blue. With horns. Used as a pinata as a child by the local bullies (and their parents) he sets off to become the world's greatest swindler. 

Interested? Good, because the story is free. While still a work in progress, feel free to follow along the writing process on my wattpad account HERE Want it all at once? The ebook edition will be getting released next year. 

I would love to hear your thoughts on this story about the greatest swindler to ever live (no, not you Steve. Honestly.) Please comment and if you would like your name used for a character be sure to say so in the comments! Happy to include my supporters in my works.