Reader's Choice Awards

Hello everyone!

Two announcements today! Am I over doing it? Writing - yes! Blogging - not as much :P

First of all my book 'Of A Dark Heart' has been accepted into the Readers Choice Awards by TCK Publishing. Please help get 'Of A Dark Heart' into the finals with your vote! All you have to do is go to the voting page and you will see a list of the books submitted for each category. You can vote on each page or you can click the right arrow next to the genre to skip across to the Fantasy section, where 'Of A Dark Heart' resides. It would mean the world to me to get your support! TCK Publishing is a great resource if you are looking to increase your author presence in the world no matter where you are on your writer's journey. 

Now, for those of you waiting for the next release there has been a slight change in publishing schedule. Working title Shards is still on the way however a surprise contender may be getting published first. Still early days, let's just leave it up to Fate shall we? Keep an eye out for the next post with more details!