Pokemon Go: Where to catch Pikachu

One author, one yellow mouse and a kingdom of books.

Dear Readers,

As a child of the 90s Pokemon was a big part of my childhood. As such, when Pokemon Go was released I was pretty excited. I felt like I had been preparing for this app since first opening the cardboard box containing Pokemon Yellow- including a wonderful, large volume, game manual that explained so much of the game as if it was the journal of a real trainer. Those were the days....

So this post is a little different to the usual blog. Today I'm going to tell you where I found fan favourite Pikachu!

Option One: Most of you will have heard how to have Pikachu as your starter. A quick recap, when starting the game run past the first three starters. Keep running when they reappear. After doing this three or four times Pikachu will also appear. This was how I relived my Pokemon Yellow days.

Option Two: This happened by accident. I was reading in my public library, researching for my next book (which is coming along nicely, Dystopian fans get in touch for a chance to be an advanced reader!). A buzzing in my pocket revealed a happy looking yellow mouse with a spark-le in its eye (You're fired - Ed). This happened again at a separate public library, which leads me to suspect Pikachu must love books!

However Pikachu isn't the only bookworm- locally I found Weedle, Caterpie (Are you trying for the Pun King Title? Again? -Ed)  and THE THREE STARTERS Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander!!!

Next time you're Pokemon hunting, why not stop off at your local library and read a book or two while waiting for the next Pikachu to appear. I hear The Potion Master has been repeatedly on loan locally, it must be good :P

Have you found Pikachu somewhere else? Let me know in the comments below!