Ahoy my maties, there's pirates about

When I was young I wanted to be a pirate.

I could see myself sailing the seven seas, a motley crew for family and a KitKat wrapper red parrot on my shoulder. In all likelihood I would have lost my left leg to a shark, my right hand to a cutlass and my face would have been claimed by a big bushy beard.

That's what being a pirate meant back then. Now of course the water variety of pirate generally uses a rocket launcher instead of a cutlass. Meanwhile the name pirate seems to have been claimed by online hackers who distribute content they have no right to share.

Why all this rambling? Because my latest book Of A Dark Heart has been pirated. If you have purchased (including for "free") a copy from anywhere other than Amazon please let me know. The only place I have given permission to sell copies of it is Amazon. Beware any website that request you to provide credit card details before letting you access books, or any content, for "free".

May the wind ever be in your sails.