New Year, New Author Website

Dear Reader,

There is something wonderful about new things. Scientists* have discovered that at Christmas time, more joy is experienced in the frenzied shredding of wrapping paper and looking at the shiny new product, compared to using the new product. Granted, in the case of socks or jocks this is fully understandable. But what does this have to do with writing?

Often it is the fresh idea, the start of a story, that hooks both writer and reader. We see the opening scenes, feel the conflict and want to know how it ends. Characters seem familiar and interesting. A new novel is an exciting prospect.

So with great excitement I'd like to announce that my next book will be getting released via Wattpad, for free!  Keep tuned for the link.

Oh, and I got this brand new website for Christmas. Whoo hoo!

Thank you for dropping by Dear Reader, I hope you enjoy your stay.

Chris Foster

*Not actual scientists