Of A Dark Heart - Wattpad Book

I am very excited to announce that my next book is now available on Wattpad.com! A new chapter will be posted each week, so please Dear Reader spread the word and give feedback! You might even alter the course of the story!

'Of A Dark Heart' at its core is a quest for revenge novel. A blending of fantasy and crime, swordplay and surgery. Excalem, a Swordsworn searching for answers, is trying to avenge the murder of his only daughter. But to find the answers he wants he must face people who don't exist, travel through towns that never were and face men who have slain gods.

It is for a more mature audience than my previous fantasy books (16+ yrs) but continues my style of clear imagery, great fight scenes and fantasy lands inspired by the world around us. 

The first chapter can be read here on chrisfosterwrites (Hover over the Fantasy heading at the top of the page, then click on Legends of Nowhere). If you like it just follow the link at the end of the chapter to get access to the rest of the story as it is written!

I hope you enjoy,

Chris Foster