Legends of Nowhere

2016. A New Year. A New Story.

How far would you go to avenge your daughter's murder?


A new breed of Australian Fantasy has arrived.

"There will be vengeance, The Gargoyle said so and rocks don't lie."

Excalem hunts a murderer. In our world his daughter lies cold and dead on a coroner's slab. There's no clue to identify the culprit who stole her life so gracefully, so perfectly.
Grief, madness, prophecy, call it what you will, he heads West, out into the deserts of Nowhere. Out there he meets ghosts that never lived, walks through towns that never were and must face all manner of angels and demons. He is indomitable. His sword weaves wicked tapestries of pain and death. Nothing will stop his path of revenge.
He is the cat after the rat but the dog is coming. Soon his own dark past will catch up with him. When it does, Excalem is going to learn a whole new definition of heartbreak. 

"Original, strange, and quite brilliant, this is a unique and highly entertaining book. Chris Foster is certainly one to watch." - Aurealis